All 4 The Hall SongTellers


all4thehall-e1395702005291Last Tuesday, My friend Drea and I went to the All 4 The Hall Benefit show at the Bridgestone Arena. Presented by Keith Urban and Vince Gill, the Nashville event to raise money for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has entered its 5th year.  The lineups have changed since my first year attending (2011) and the difficulty of finding tickets has too, but the meaning and purpose of the night hasn’t changed at all.

10320594_10203782453063321_3916813029724100069_nThe event merges together the worlds of Country Past, Present, and Future by showcasing today’s up and coming acts with their material and that which inspired them.  There are also legends and Hall of Famers such as Reba and Ronnie Milsap who performed some of their biggest hits and the story behind them.

gillurban-595-1399467399The theme of the night was to be Songtellers, which is what all artists and writers do; they express a story or a feeling in song.  Dolly Parton (not in attendance, via video) explained it as one of her most treasured activities.

Artists would sing one of their more popular hits or some new material explaining how the AFTHhatch_mediumsong what written and the story behind it.  They then would cover a song written by someone in the hall and explain how they influenced them.  For anyone who is as big of a Music History/Research geek like I am it was a real treat.  And getting to see my favorite artists cover such amazing legends reinforced the concept that history is so important to Country Music.  Preserving it, preserving the Hall is key to its longevity and to the education of the next generation.  It is also where we honor those who forged a path for country music to be the genuine and honest music it is.

Kip+Moore+4+Hall+Benefit+Concert+czQDpSZ8HYLlSome of my favorite performances of the night were Kacey Musgraves cover of “Here You Come Again” (Dolly Parton), Kip Moore singing “Dirt Road”, Deana Carter singing “Strawberry Wine”, Reba singing her version of “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia”, and Keith Urban Showing up in the back of the arena to sing near my section.  Not to mention every act had Vince Gill and Keith Urban as their band…not too shabby.

10253877_10203782443623085_3900200756888609524_n      10310621_10203782446943168_5332026713712301534_n

The night ended up raising about $600,000.00 for the Hall which will go to offering new programs, renovations, and educational opportunities.

My Best- Jess

Check out the Set List here: All 4 The Hall

Lights, Camera, Invoices?


Its my third week of interning, and I’ve got a good routine down.  Park, throw my stuff in my cubicle, Starbucks, meetings, lunch, task, emails, emails, home.  This week I haven’t gotten lost in the halls and I now know where the big pantry is on our floor.  Its the small victories people.

This week I’ve been trained to work on setting up payments for material we’ve licensed.  Its really great that I have experience with excel and customer service as both are required in this task.  We have a policy of “killing people with kindness” and helping as much as we possibly and legally can.  I really appreciate that we have these kinds of policies; although it may take some time on our part, it can really help with our relationships for the future.  Plus it sends a message to all the peImageople we work with that we really care about their concerns and setting things right. 

This week I was also treated to a Live Taping for a new show.  Five of my fellow interns and I showed up to a local venue to be “bodies” in a preliminary taping.  We were given a private concert by Thomas Rhett and Danielle Bradbery and were able to observe the backstage experience of a taping.  Basically its all about sound, lighting, Imageand blocking.  The major point is to also capture a good run through in the event that the live taping with the real crowd doesn’t go as well.  

All I can say is that both performers were very personable and down to earth.  Thomas Rhett even posed for some pictures with us while Danielle also filled in as a crowd member to demonstrate the blocking.  Both were great live and I was really impressed with Danielle’s vocal range-no wonder she won The Voice.  

Although I was invited to stay for the real taping, I had to get back to work so I could go to class.  I am so lucky that my department encourages me to attend these events and allows me to work on tasks that they do themselves.Image 

In other news, My best friend was in Nashville this past weekend for her birthday and we went to the Keith Urban Light the Fuse Tour Finale at the Bridgestone Arena.  ImageDustin Lynch and Little Big Town opened the show, but nothing compared to Keith Urban on guitar.  With Special Guest Performances by Eric Church and Peter Frampton, this Imagefinale was one of the best I had ever seen.  

All of these artists (excluding Peter Frampton) have great new music out and can be found on iTunes and in stores such as Wal-mart if you’re feeling a little throwback.