It’s Jess!


10007437_10203576585236754_4097551639242240231_nI feel like a New About Me is in order after about six months of changes! So let’s get down to business!

Got EducatedHey, I’m Jess.  I just graduated from Belmont University with a BBA in Music Business.  I love working in the Industry and I recently interned with CMT.  My next step in this crazy career path is Law School, so in the Fall I’ll be a professional Elle Woods.


I really enjoy: Nashville, country music, baseball, farmer’s markets, girl’s nights, puppy dogs, anything with Elephants,  coffee (two sugars, one cream), and causally capitalizing words I think should be.



1531584_10203054037493387_1015992539_nI’m really good at: rambling, awkward situations, making vines of my roommate, ordering takeout, drinking a six-pack of Angry Orchard when I’m happysadgoofymad, and losing my keysphonewallet.



Mostly Likely you will find me: documenting my life and my friend’s (regardless of their opinions) lives via social media…or making nachos.




Aliases: “The Original SCB aka Stone Cold Bitch”, “Captain”, “Maverick”, & “Boo Bear”




I’m working on: that being right all the time thing…and being a southern belle… as well as world DΘMINATION.


You Can Follow all my Adventures on Twitter and Instagram under:Just_JessieLynn.  And I will be Guest Blogging on website.


Nashville Concerts: Brad Paisley’s Beat This Winter Tour


In the past couple weeks, I had the opportunity to see Brad Paisley’s Beat This Winter tour finale.  My friends Lindsay and Ryan had two extra 8th row floor tickets and so my friend Chelsi and I joined them.

Prior to arriving, we read Brad’s Tweet which said “Cannot wait to play Nashville TN tomorrow. Big fan of the ABC show. Always wanted to visit there. I hope it’s just like on TV.” which is an obvious pun to the show his wife Kimberly Williams Paisley used to be featured on.


Danielle Bradbury opened the night with a similar set to the one she did on CMT’s Listen Up-which we taped a few weeks back.  Chris Young was the second act  promoting with his newest single “Ah Naw”.


However, Brad, in Headliner Fashion, came out with all the bells and whistles.  From his excellent guitar skills to the amazing graphics and laser show which was used during “Southern Comfort Zone“, the production was elaborate and left the crowd wondering what would happen next. What did happen next was better than any hologram, Carrie Underwood graced the stage to perform their duet “Remind Me“.


One of my favorite things about Nashville shows, and especially those shows that end in Nashville, is that special guests always show up.  Carrie Underwood was not the only one to pop up on stage as Randy Houser, Sheryl Crow, and Eric Close also made appearances as Brad closed the show with his hit “Alcohol“.


One thing I really liked about this tour was that it was very team oriented.  Everyone seemed to get along well and everyone appeared on stage at the end-even Brad’s Mascot of himself-to support and celebrate the end of the tour.

After a great night out with friends and witnessing the live aspect of the business, I remembered being invited to the tour’s after party at SEEN night club as part of the CMT taping we did awhile back at the location.  Although we did not stop by I heard it was a great networking night and that tour went out in style.  This is all just a reminder of Nashville’s Golden Rule: its not always What you know, its who you know.

Super Stars and Emotional Intelligence


This past week was such a blur! Not only was I excited for Spring Break on Friday, but I also had some exciting experiences at CMT.

On Monday we had a workshop within MML which focused on Emotional Intelligence or EQ.  EQ is all about controlling and knowing your emotions in the workplace in order to perform efficiently and professionally.  EQ also enables employees and team members to work together more cohesively by allowing for understanding and encouragement.  I can truly say that the workshop-which was via video conference from New York and shared with Santa Monica-allowed our department to grow.

Martina McBride performs "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" during her taping.

On Tuesday we had a taping of Live @ CMT with Martina McBride which is done in-house.  Although I don’t work on Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to attend.  Martina’s performance was exceptional and the production was interesting to watch.  The set was simple and gave a feeling of a more jazz environment as Martina showcased her phenomenal vocals on some new soulful tunes and a Elvis classic.  You can catch a performance here:

In the following days, some of this performance was even showcased on HOT 20 where the back of my head was clearly evident 🙂

As the week progressed, my supervisors met with our NY boss to plan their goals for the year.  I think this activity goes well with the EQ conference earlier in the week and allowed for them to plan for the next couple months.  This week as very forward thinking and problem solving.

Overall this week was a great week and added greatly to my understanding of CMT’s corporate culture.

Lights, Camera, Invoices?


Its my third week of interning, and I’ve got a good routine down.  Park, throw my stuff in my cubicle, Starbucks, meetings, lunch, task, emails, emails, home.  This week I haven’t gotten lost in the halls and I now know where the big pantry is on our floor.  Its the small victories people.

This week I’ve been trained to work on setting up payments for material we’ve licensed.  Its really great that I have experience with excel and customer service as both are required in this task.  We have a policy of “killing people with kindness” and helping as much as we possibly and legally can.  I really appreciate that we have these kinds of policies; although it may take some time on our part, it can really help with our relationships for the future.  Plus it sends a message to all the peImageople we work with that we really care about their concerns and setting things right. 

This week I was also treated to a Live Taping for a new show.  Five of my fellow interns and I showed up to a local venue to be “bodies” in a preliminary taping.  We were given a private concert by Thomas Rhett and Danielle Bradbery and were able to observe the backstage experience of a taping.  Basically its all about sound, lighting, Imageand blocking.  The major point is to also capture a good run through in the event that the live taping with the real crowd doesn’t go as well.  

All I can say is that both performers were very personable and down to earth.  Thomas Rhett even posed for some pictures with us while Danielle also filled in as a crowd member to demonstrate the blocking.  Both were great live and I was really impressed with Danielle’s vocal range-no wonder she won The Voice.  

Although I was invited to stay for the real taping, I had to get back to work so I could go to class.  I am so lucky that my department encourages me to attend these events and allows me to work on tasks that they do themselves.Image 

In other news, My best friend was in Nashville this past weekend for her birthday and we went to the Keith Urban Light the Fuse Tour Finale at the Bridgestone Arena.  ImageDustin Lynch and Little Big Town opened the show, but nothing compared to Keith Urban on guitar.  With Special Guest Performances by Eric Church and Peter Frampton, this Imagefinale was one of the best I had ever seen.  

All of these artists (excluding Peter Frampton) have great new music out and can be found on iTunes and in stores such as Wal-mart if you’re feeling a little throwback. 


Abiguity, Confidence, and Leadership


Today our Senior Director sent out some great articles to our team to discuss how to deal with ambiguity in the workplace along with confidence in your leadership decisions.  I thought they were great and I think you will too:

I think these articles are not only great for the workplace, but especially for interns as we deal with not really knowing what we are doing on the regular.  We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it till you make it”, but I do think there is something to be said for asking for help.  As interns we have to realize our main point of being on location is to learn.  Yes, everyone wants to be the star intern, but at the end of the day if you make a decision that you are not fully informed on-then you’re going to look like a fool.

So be wise and try hard to learn as much as you can.  As my supervisor says, “be a sponge”.

Show Spotlight: Party Down South


ImageThis week’s Show Spotlight focuses on CMT’s newest hit show Party Down South.  The Show is brought to you by the producers of the Jersey Show and airs Thursdays on CMT at 9:00 EST.

Party Down South follows the summer of eight southern young adults and all the crazy fun they have.  Its trashy enough to keep your attention and just might remind you of some wild summers of your youth. 

Stationed in Murells Inlet, South Carolina this crew has a wild first night which includes lots of beer, peeing outside, a funnel, swimming in the canal, a late night feud, a drunken prayer from Little Bit, and ultimately the whole cast blacking out.  Yet their comradery remains and the summer is looking to be one hell of a good time. 

Make sure to like their page on Facebook ( and Watch past episodes on (