It’s Jess!


10007437_10203576585236754_4097551639242240231_nI feel like a New About Me is in order after about six months of changes! So let’s get down to business!

Got EducatedHey, I’m Jess.  I just graduated from Belmont University with a BBA in Music Business.  I love working in the Industry and I recently interned with CMT.  My next step in this crazy career path is Law School, so in the Fall I’ll be a professional Elle Woods.


I really enjoy: Nashville, country music, baseball, farmer’s markets, girl’s nights, puppy dogs, anything with Elephants,  coffee (two sugars, one cream), and causally capitalizing words I think should be.



1531584_10203054037493387_1015992539_nI’m really good at: rambling, awkward situations, making vines of my roommate, ordering takeout, drinking a six-pack of Angry Orchard when I’m happysadgoofymad, and losing my keysphonewallet.



Mostly Likely you will find me: documenting my life and my friend’s (regardless of their opinions) lives via social media…or making nachos.




Aliases: “The Original SCB aka Stone Cold Bitch”, “Captain”, “Maverick”, & “Boo Bear”




I’m working on: that being right all the time thing…and being a southern belle… as well as world DΘMINATION.


You Can Follow all my Adventures on Twitter and Instagram under:Just_JessieLynn.  And I will be Guest Blogging on website.


Its Jess! …the Intern


Welcome to my Blog!cropped-0fe38324eb4011e29dc022000a9e517c_7.jpg

As a current Intern with a major media firm that works exclusively in the music business, my days are very busy! But as part of my self made curriculum I’ve decided to do weekly recaps of all the projects I work on and daily tasks I have.

Here’s a little about me:

I’m a student at Belmont University studying Music Business and planning on attending Law School in the fall.  I’m from the Midwest, but my family roots can be found in Kentucky and Virgina.  I fell in love with Country Music at a young age, singing along to the radio and listening to my Mamaw’s records.  Going to School in the city has also exposed me to Americana, Alternative Rock and Pop, and anything you can call “Indie”.

I’m most definitely not a Hipster-I’m too awkward for that.  I’m addicted to 24 hour cable news channels and I’d rather read a book than go out.  I refuse to turn 22 And no, I don’t have a double name.  My favorite Deceased Artist is Johnny Cash, Current Artist is Miranda Lambert, and my favorite Group is the Goo Goo Dolls.  -You can follow me on Spotify if you feel like a laugh.

So that’s all for now, but trust me my adventures in the Music Business will be more entertaining


P.S.  you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Just_JessieLynn