Show Spotlight: Swamp Pawn


So for the past couple weeks I have been working on deliverables for the second season of Swamp Pawn.  Swamp Pawn is a show that is set in Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana where Pawn Shop Owner Rick Phillips sells anything that the swamp can bring him including alligators.  The people of Bayou Pigeon live off the land and focus on each other to survive.


The show also features the quirky father-son fisherman duo of Coy and Shorty Gomez who spend most of their time arguing with one another or looking for work. They also make frequent visits to the Pawn Shop.

swamp pawn 2

The show just wrapped its second season and episodes can be watched on or on the new CMT App as the re-airings are not in this coming week’s lineup.  But don’t worry, Swamp Pawn Season 3 will air this fall.

swamp pawn 3

Part of my job when closing a show is to organize all of the Guest, Logo, and Material Releases as well as Location agreements. I upload them to a central document file and then input them into our secure database which allows for anyone who would need the information to access it.

Reading over some of these documents is interesting to me as you can imagine some of the legal circumstances if they were not signed. Concern for Minors and location’s are high on my list for securing the documents.  Once they are all organized I send the file to legal and they begin the work of completely closing the show.


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