Super Stars and Emotional Intelligence


This past week was such a blur! Not only was I excited for Spring Break on Friday, but I also had some exciting experiences at CMT.

On Monday we had a workshop within MML which focused on Emotional Intelligence or EQ.  EQ is all about controlling and knowing your emotions in the workplace in order to perform efficiently and professionally.  EQ also enables employees and team members to work together more cohesively by allowing for understanding and encouragement.  I can truly say that the workshop-which was via video conference from New York and shared with Santa Monica-allowed our department to grow.

Martina McBride performs "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" during her taping.

On Tuesday we had a taping of Live @ CMT with Martina McBride which is done in-house.  Although I don’t work on Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to attend.  Martina’s performance was exceptional and the production was interesting to watch.  The set was simple and gave a feeling of a more jazz environment as Martina showcased her phenomenal vocals on some new soulful tunes and a Elvis classic.  You can catch a performance here:

In the following days, some of this performance was even showcased on HOT 20 where the back of my head was clearly evident 🙂

As the week progressed, my supervisors met with our NY boss to plan their goals for the year.  I think this activity goes well with the EQ conference earlier in the week and allowed for them to plan for the next couple months.  This week as very forward thinking and problem solving.

Overall this week was a great week and added greatly to my understanding of CMT’s corporate culture.


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