Show Spotlight: Girl Code


Picking up Guys, Getting Older, and Sleeping

This week’s Show Spotlight is on a favorite of my friends and roommates: Girl Code.  This episode of Girl Code focuses on Picking up guys, the trials and tribulations of getting 9547d5ba6d057118adbd35ca1cceee02older (something I refuse to do), and Getting enough Beauty Rest. All of which the girls have a lot to say about.

The show features comedians who focus on everyday life of the average 20 something woman with comments and reenactments by the “girl code girls”.

The Show Premiered in Spring of 2013 and Season 2 premiered in Fall of 2013.  The Show has girl-code-tumblr-dadsinspired the spin off, Guy Code which features the same format but is presented by men.  Both shows air on MTV, a subsidy of Viacom under their Music Channel section.

Girl Code airs Mondays at 5:30/4:3gc150 CST on MTV.  But, as always, you can watch past episodes online here;



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