2nd Week’s a Charm


Its my second week on the job, and trust me I’m still feeling like a kid on Christmas Morning.

This week our boss, who works out of New York is in town AND he’s brought Chocolate! It’s a real crowd pleaser.  But in all seriousness, it was so nice to meet him because he personally tried to get to know me even though I’m just an intern.  Its a good feeling when people so high up in our company take the time to know you and invest themselves in your experience.  To start our day, some of us head to the Starbucks on 5th and Church.  Its a great way to start the day after a long weekend, plus they are helping me achieve my goal of a gold card (I’m 11 stars away).  Once we get back to the office, its time to get down to business. First we have a meeting with the whole team to go over a new database inputting protocol.  Then its off to a meeting with the CMT side department head to discuss a music research project I will be working on this week.  To make sure we have certain publishing rights in our shared catalogs I will be looking through various collections to see if we are listed as an owner.  Surprisingly, we found many song catalogs to which we were not credited.  This was a very interesting project to work on as I was able to see how companies work together and how differences in presentation can cause communication conflicts.

On Wednesday, it was very cold and as a girl I had a major life dilemma: What shoes do I wear to work.  Now, our work environment is very casual-I wear jeans every day, but for some reason Uggs just didn’t seem ideal.  I debated with myself in the shower, while making my lunch, while putting on my North Face, and finally I bit the bullet.  It was cold, I was wearing them and reaping whatever awkward consequences.  Upon arriving to work, I was relieved that not only were most of the women in my department wearing Uggs, but one had even brought a blanket to work.  Without the stress of such a high corporate atmosphere, employees are able to comfortably work and focus more on tasks on hand.  Plus we don’t have to freeze when we get our coffee.

The rest of this week, I was in several meetings-one of which allowed us to look ahead at upcoming programs and the stages they were in of production.  This prepared my department for the expected work we would be dealing with for our CMT partners.  Involved in this meeting were members from the production, MML, BALA, and Marketing.  Together we discussed our expectations, concerns, and ways to address setbacks.  Overall, this was a great way for me to see how multiple departments work together to get a a sole project on our TV’s.

After all is said and done, it was a great week at CMT and I’m grateful for the autonomy and trust that my superiors put in me to get work done correctly.  Sometimes I even forget I’m an intern and I’m happy to say that its like I am actually part of the team.  CMT/Viacom has made this experience so far very rewarding and I couldn’t be happier to be working with some of the greatest interns around!Image


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