My First Week on the Job


Thank goodness I’ve lived in Nashville for 4 years-and thank god I have an iPhone; without which I would have never found where my internship was downtown.  Its casually tucked away in the business district.

After finding that the elevator doesn’t run quickly at 8:50 am, I made my way out of the parking garage via the stairs and shivered into the elevator lobby of our building.  After checking in with Security, and getting a temp pass I finally had access to the floor I needed.

Entering the lobbyindex of CMT was probably when I realized that all of this was actually happening.  After 4 years of hard work and volunteering any chance I got; I was finally working my dream internship.  Meeting my fellow interns was great as it made me realize that I was surrounded by the best, most dedicated, knowledgeable students out there.

name plateAfter orientation we were given a tour of the building and our permanent ID badges.  Then we were dropped off at our own desks or work spaces and introduced to our team.

As a part of the Licensing Department, I work with large databases and PRO websites.  But before I could start on any of that, the office was treated to a Live @ CMT taping with the Eli Young Band in our upstairs studio. The band played a few songs and gave us some info on their new album 10,000 eli youngTowns which will be out on March 4th featuring their number 1 hit “Drunk Last Night”.  This was a great break to the information overload I had in orientation and also gave me the opportunity to get to know my co-workers and supervisors better.

The next day I was sent to a lot of meetings to observe.  Some were video conferences with New York and LA, others with people in different departments at CMT.  I was assigned a research project, looking up publisher and label information for a new segment of Hot 20.  Learning on the go is definitely how to get things done on this job; sometimes we don’t have any information, sometimes we have too much.  But looking up acquisitions and ownership was a great foundation for my work that I will be doing over the next couple of months.

Having Lunch with the whole department (Viacom/CMT) was a great way to introduce myself and the other intern in our department to the team.  And Pucketts was pretty good too! But in all honesty, lunch allowed me to further see my team’s personality and made me feel more welcome and at home at CMT.

The corporate culture of CMT is one of hard work with reasonable expectations.  We get coffee from Starbucks in the morning and take breaks when we need to.  Lunches are flexible-as is the wardrobe.  The atmosphere is relaxed and I believe it is a major factor in productivity and efficiency within the company.  Letting employees be who they are and lowering the stress load with autonomy, massage chairs, department lunches, birthday month celebrations, Bagel Wednesday, healthy living groups, and even volunteer opportunities creates a friendly and dedicated work environment.  Employees who fully take advantage of the corporate culture seem to be the most successful and truly enjoy their work-no matter how stressful or mundane.

Leaving the building that Friday seemed unreal.  The fact that I dfbc86b4813511e39556121b50e7087a_8get to do this every day for the next 15 weeks was unbelievable.  My coworkers and supervisors have a lot to teach me and I hope I can be as helpful in any way.  I also hope to walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of the industry and CMT’s corporate culture.  I think I’m really going to like it here.


Its Jess! …the Intern


Welcome to my Blog!cropped-0fe38324eb4011e29dc022000a9e517c_7.jpg

As a current Intern with a major media firm that works exclusively in the music business, my days are very busy! But as part of my self made curriculum I’ve decided to do weekly recaps of all the projects I work on and daily tasks I have.

Here’s a little about me:

I’m a student at Belmont University studying Music Business and planning on attending Law School in the fall.  I’m from the Midwest, but my family roots can be found in Kentucky and Virgina.  I fell in love with Country Music at a young age, singing along to the radio and listening to my Mamaw’s records.  Going to School in the city has also exposed me to Americana, Alternative Rock and Pop, and anything you can call “Indie”.

I’m most definitely not a Hipster-I’m too awkward for that.  I’m addicted to 24 hour cable news channels and I’d rather read a book than go out.  I refuse to turn 22 And no, I don’t have a double name.  My favorite Deceased Artist is Johnny Cash, Current Artist is Miranda Lambert, and my favorite Group is the Goo Goo Dolls.  -You can follow me on Spotify if you feel like a laugh.

So that’s all for now, but trust me my adventures in the Music Business will be more entertaining


P.S.  you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Just_JessieLynn